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2001 wins again!!!


What the…!!!! Guest Judge Stephanie hands the VS Championship belt to Micaela and Steve for winning again! Team 2001 is up 2-1!!! Check out Tuesday night to see what happens!

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Continuing Drinking & Writing Theater’s mission of exploring the connection between creativity and alcohol, “Sensuously Transmitted Drama”, tackles the subject of love through the lens of libation and prose.

Drinking & Writing Theater co-founder and Neofuturist alumni Steve Mosqueda will be joined by co director of VS Lady Grace Murphy in this 75 minute show.

Love is dissected, transformed, explained, manipulated and pulled apart through personal monologues, music, movement, historical facts and the writings of some of literatures utmost experts on the subject including Charles Bukowski, William Shakespeare, Dorothy Parker Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir.